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Conference Paper


Technology Enhanced Education (ICTEE), 2012 IEEE International Conference on, IEEE, Kerala (2012)


Remote triggered laboratories are an excellent way to provide access to costly labs and equipment for students in areas without such facilities. A novel remote triggered photovoltaic solar cell experiment is presented here. This experiment enables the student to learn in a hands-on, practical way about the fundamental characteristics of photovoltaic solar cells. The experiment has a web interface in which the student can turn a number of light bulbs on and off, adjust the load voltage of the solar cell, and view the experiment in real-time via a web-cam. In addition, the characteristics of the solar cells under these various conditions are measured and displayed on the web interface in a spreadsheet and are plotted in a novel and learning-effective manner. This experiment has been hosted on our Virtual Labs website for over a year, with a large number of students using the site. This paper presents implementation strategies and methods used which have proven effective for Virtual Labs, along with a technical description of the experiment and the system used to create and host the experiment.


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J. Freeman, Nagarajan, A., Parangan, M., Kumar, D., Dr. Shyam Diwakar, and Dr. Krishnashree Achuthan, “Remote triggered photovoltaic solar cell lab: Effective implementation strategies for Virtual Labs”, in Technology Enhanced Education (ICTEE), 2012 IEEE International Conference on, Kerala, 2012.

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