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Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, Volume 12, Issue 11, p.MD01-MD03 (2018)



The current treatment modality for otitis media with effusion is surgical intervention but recurrence is common. This case report discusses the Ayurvedic treatment of a case diagnosed as otitis media with effusion, which was posted for myringotomy with grommet insertion. A five-year-old boy on antihistamines and antibiotics for 3 months presented with constant hearing loss and difficulty with speech discrimination. The features suggestive of otitis media with effusion were diagnosed by pure tone audiometry and tympanogram. Ayurveda medication was started and surgery was deferred because the patient responded positively. The 45 dB and 30 dB conductive hearing loss detected by audiometry improved to 15 dB and 11.6 dB, which is within normal limits. The patient became asymptomatic and recovered his sense of hearing. Till date, there has been no recurrence. Non-surgical intervention of otitis media with effusion demonstrated normalised hearing sensitivity and relief from symptoms. Validation should be further conducted using larger studies.

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K. Siva Balaji, Sundararaman,, and Ashwini B. N., “Resolution of fluid and normalised hearing sensitivity in otitis media with effusion by ayurveda management”, Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, vol. 12, no. 11, pp. MD01-MD03, 2018.