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Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Volume 4, Number 8, p.978-980 (2012)



Alternative approach, Cell partitioning, Chronological order, Circuit partitioning, Classical problems, Experimental verification, Graph theory, Hypergraph, Iterative approach, Mathematical modeling, Mathematical models, Optimization techniques, Partitioning, Theoretical algorithms, Theoretical result, Tool kits, Unimodular, VLSI circuits, VLSI design


Classical Problems on any discipline of study has to undergo a series of alternative approaches at different points of time. Many experimental verification of fundamental theoretical results have to be framed in the domain of mathematical modeling based on iterative approaches. One such area of our interest is VLSI Design issue in particular Circuit Partitioning. We present here chronological order of different procedures based on variety of graph theoretical and optimization techniques. These fall into major classification of deterministic and Probabilistic tool kits. A clear cut understanding of these collection will facilitate the researchers engaged in this field for creditable contribution. Hypergraph method is better than the vertical and horizontal procedure in wing and cell partitioning .New type of hypergraph called unimodular hypergraph gives better results for VLSI Cell partitioning. © Maxwell Scientific Organization, 2012.


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Ra Manikandan, Thiyagarajan, Mb, and Swaminathan, Pa, “Review of efficient and innovative mathematical models on VLSI circuit partitioning”, Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, vol. 4, pp. 978-980, 2012.