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Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, Routledge, Volume 28, Issue 3-4, p.351-365 (2017)



As the world moves forward, quality has evolved drastically to meet the growing demands in various organisations. As a result, various quality management procedures have been implemented in varied kinds of organisations. A review of the quality principles such as Total Quality Management, Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma is discussed in order to provide an understanding for implementing quality principles in different organisations, which includes manufacturing, service, healthcare, government, non-profit organisations, transportation and logistics, process industry, etc. With the introduction of quality techniques, the effectiveness of organisations has improved. And these techniques are generic in nature and can improve the efficiency of any organisation. But, the implementation policies in different organisations vary with the type of organisation. The consideration of different organisations provides useful guidelines for the application of these methods in unexplored sectors. Moreover, a brief summary of the key takeaways and extensions for each of these applications in different types of organisations is also presented. The effect of different quality procedures on people and the consideration of environmental concept are proposed to be an area of future research to improve the implementation effectiveness of the quality procedures in the existing areas.

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Raja Sreedharan V., R., R., and S., S. Srinivas, “A review of the quality evolution in various organisations”, Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, vol. 28, no. 3-4, pp. 351-365, 2017.