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Journal Article


Polymers and Polymer Composites, p.0967391121992909 (2021)



Multiscale hybrid composites were prepared using varying weight percentages (0 to 5) of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) as nanofiller and a fixed weight percentage (20) of short glass fibres as micro filler (in polypropylene (PP) matrix. The shear and extensional viscosity of the composites was measured using a capillary rheometer. It was observed that even at higher shear rates the synergism of micro and nanofillers in the matrix significantly enhanced the melt viscosity. The complex nanotube network entanglement with micro fillers and PP chains imparted restrictions to the polymer chain movements. The prepared samples were subjected to thermal ageing at 100°C for 4 days in hot air oven. After ageing, multiscale composite with 3 wt% MWCNTs exhibited 28.57% enhancement in strain at break, whereas the tensile strength and modulus reduced by 6.8% and 8% respectively. The fracture toughness properties like strain energy release rate and critical stress intensity factor were not affected for multiscale composite at the optimum content of 3 wt% MWCNT, even after thermal ageing.

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Rasana Nanoth, Dr. Jayanarayanan K., Rajan, K. Prasad, and Gopanna, A., “The rheological behaviour and thermal ageing characteristics of PP/MWCNT/glass fibre multiscale composites”, Polymers and Polymer Composites, p. 0967391121992909, 2021.