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Conference Proceedings


Vision 2020: Sustainable Growth, Economic Development, and Global Competitiveness , p.1164-1175 (2014)


Bilateral relations, China, Development aid, International economics, Political economy, trade commerce


China is the second largest economy in the world. It has become the world’s largest exporter and manufacturer. As a system of self determination, it is a part of an integrated perspective, involving the values of nationalism, social justice and people’s welfare. A significant aspect of China is its long cultural and national history. The Chinese people have shared a common culture longer than any other group on earth. Urban development and urban renewal are linked to the growth of China’s large and fast growing economy. It plays an important role in nuclear energy technological development .China is the world’s third largest Ethanol producer. The population of China enjoys a fairly low mortality rate and long life expectancy. China has stepped up its development aid and business activities with Asia, Africa and Latin America. It always needs a peaceful and stable international
environment. The Chinese are now at the cutting edge of science and technology in many areas. Chinese annual spending on research and development in universities and other institutions exceeds that of Japan. To the world, China development is an opportunity rather than a threat.

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R. Keshab Chandra and Mahapatra, S. Kumar, “Rising China-Trajectory of Emerging Global power”, Vision 2020: Sustainable Growth, Economic Development, and Global Competitiveness . pp. 1164-1175, 2014.