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Kerala Nursing Forum, Volume 11, Issue 3, p.35-41 (2016)



The present study was conducted among colorectal cancer patients to assess the risk factors and its awareness among patients with colorectal cancer. The objectives of the study were to estimate the presence of risk factors among patients with colorectal cancer, determine the knowledge of risk factors among patients with colorectal cancer, and find the association between the risk factors and selected variables. A descriptive research design was used to study 50 patients with colorectal cancer attending the oncology department of a selected tertiary care hospital. The findings revealed that majority of the subjects having colorectal cancer were >50 years (62%) and were males(60%) . Majority of the subjects had comorbidities like hypertension 17(34%), and diabetic mellitus 16(32%). Seventeen(34%) subjects had the habit of smoking and alcoholism. Majority of the subjects 45(90%) were non vegetarians 47(94%) included vegetarians diet and 30(66.7%) of the non-vegetarians were consuming red meat once a week. There were 14(28%) subjects who did not perform any exercises. Only 24(48%) of the subjects had good knowledge about colorectal cancer but none of the subjects had poor knowledge. No Significant association was observed between risk factors and selected variables.

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Krishna S Nair, Prof. Sheela Pavithran, and Regina Antony, “Risk Factors and its Awareness Among Patients with Colorectal Cancer”, Kerala Nursing Forum, vol. 11, no. 3, pp. 35-41, 2016.