Publication Type:

Journal Article


J Freeman; Simi, S


International Journal on Computer Science and Engineering, Engg Journals Publications, Volume 3, Number 5, p.2046–2053 (2011)


wireless sensor network; mobile robotics; real-time monitoring


In recent years, remote environment monitoring has been significantly improved with wireless sensor networking technology. This paper presents the real time streaming of an indoor environment using a wireless sensor network and a set of self-navigating robots. Mobile robots with mounted sensors will autonomously navigate through an indoor area with unknown obstacles. The robots will be able to avoid obstacles and move around the region. The robots sense the environmental parameters of the region, and send that data to the remote monitoring terminals using an underlying wireless sensor network. This design is applicable to networks where some of the sensors may not have sufficient range to sense data more accurately and closer monitoring is required. Effective path planning for the mobile robot is achieved by combining a map of the area, the sensor readings and the radio strength of the sensor network. Email alerts can be sent to officials if the sensed data goes above a predefined threshold level, thus successfully detecting the presence of explosives in a given area. This system streams the data in real- time to the Internet making it possible for authorized personnel to view the status of the environment online.

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J. Freeman and Simi, S., “Robot assisted wireless sensor network for monitoring and detection of explosives in indoor environment”, International Journal on Computer Science and Engineering, vol. 3, pp. 2046–2053, 2011.