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Volume IN2013CH04794A, Number IN4794/CHE/2013A (2014)



The present invention provides a robotic machine for climbing coconut trees and cutting coconuts, the robotic machine includes a machine unit and a ground station, wherein the machine unit comprises robotic arm, robotic body and base rod connecting the robotic arm and robotic body. The robotic arm includes an arm unit, a controller unit, a processing unit, plurality of servomotors, a wireless camera, and DC motors. The robotic body includes circular body, plurality of wheels, plurality of torsion springs, battery and channel for the circular motion of the arm. The wheels enable the machine unit to hold and climb on the trunk of coconut tree. The camera captures video in the vicinity of cutter, and transmits the video to the ground station for displaying to the operator, and based on the video, the operator can command the machine unit and position the cutter to cut the coconut precisely.

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Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, “Robotic Machine for Climbing Coconut Trees And Harvesting Coconuts”, U.S. Patent IN4794/CHE/2013A2014.