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Journal Article


International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, Volume 02, Issue 4, p.724-740 (2013)



: Sub-Synchronous Resonance (SSR), Discrete Linear Quadratic Gaussian(DLQG)Compensator, Model Order Reduction (MOR), Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC), Torsional Oscillations


This paper investigates the use of Discrete Linear Quadratic Gaussian (DLQG) Compensator to damp sub synchronous oscillations in a Thyrisor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC) compensated power system. The study is conducted on IEEE First Benchmark Model (FBM) in which, TCSC is modelled as a discrete linear time-invariant modular unit in the synchronously rotating DQ reference frame. This modular TCSC is then integrated with the Linear Time Invariant (LTI) model of the rest of the system. The design of DLQG includes the design of a Kalman filter for full state estimation and a full state feedback for control. Since the order of the controller is as large as the order of the system considered here(27 states), the practical implementation of the controller is difficult. Hence by using Hankels norm approximation technique, the order of the controller is reduced from 27 to 15 without losing the significant system dynamics. The eigen analysis of the system shows that the use of DLQG can damp torsional oscillations as well as the swing mode oscillations simultaneously, which is practically difficult for a conventional sub-synchronous damping controller. The performance of the system with DLQG is appreciable for all operating conditions and it shows the robustness of the controller.

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Dr. Sindhu Thampatty K.C. and Raj, P. C. Reghu, “A Robust Dlqg Controller for Damping of Sub-synchronous Oscillations in a Series Compensated Power System”, International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, vol. 02, no. 4, pp. 724-740, 2013.