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Journal Article


International Research Journal of Pharmacy, Volume 2, Issue 12, p.47-48 (2011)



Marmas are part of a greate sacred physiology which maps the special sacred points just as the earth has its sacred sites and energy currents according to sacred geography. It is must to learn the sacred geography of your own body inorder to attune ourselves both to Earth and to the great cosmos. Rujakara Marmas are the vital points in the human body which are 8 in number as Manibandha, Gulpha, Kurchashira in the upper limb and Kurchashira in the lowe limb, each being two in number and cause sever ain when injured, hence the name "RUJAKARA", The present paper highlights each of these points anatomically as per Ayurvedic literature and their modern correlation and try to conclude as what they can be compared structurally in the modern terms.

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Dr. Rajeshwari P. N., Siddaram, S. A., Hibare, R. K., Venkatesh, B. A., and Shringi, M. K., “Rujakara Marma – A conceptual review”, International Research Journal of Pharmacy, vol. 2, no. 12, pp. 47-48, 2011.