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Conference Paper


2018 IEEE Tenth International Conference on Technology for Education (T4E), IEEE, Chennai, India (2018)



CHI for Development, Computational Thinking, Computer aided instruction, Conferences, Constructionism, digital artifacts, Digital Fluency, Education, games, Graduate students, Inclusive Education, MIT's Scratch software, public administration, rural india, rural populations, social aspects of automation, social interventions, social work students, social workers, socio-economic progress, sociology, Software, Statistics, Tools, university social work department


Technologies for development have great potential in accelerating the socio-economic progress of disadvantaged communities. But these technologies are usually developed by people removed from the daily realities of fieldwork. This paper explores the need and the possibilities of educating rural populations and social workers on the use of technology to create their own digital artifacts. We discuss two workshops, one for villagers in the state of Telangana and the second one for graduate students of a university social work department exploring the use of MIT's Scratch software as a tool for assisting in social interventions. We also discuss the results of an acceptability study among the social work students to gauge the potential for such a tool to be used in the field.

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P. Anitha, Babu, S. K., R, U., and Rao R. Bhavani, “Scratching Out Problems: Exploring the Use of Computational Thinking for Social Work in Rural India”, in 2018 IEEE Tenth International Conference on Technology for Education (T4E), Chennai, India, 2018.