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Conference Paper


2012 International Conference on Emerging Trends in Electrical Engineering and Energy Management (ICETEEEM) (2012)


Arc Model, arcs (electric), EHV transmission lines, EMTP simulation, Fault currents, fault recovery voltage, line connected shunt reactor banks, Neutral Grounding Reactor (NGR), power transmission faults, Power transmission lines, primary arcs, PSCAD, PSCAD software tool, reactors (electric), robust model, secondary arc extinction, secondary arc fault current, shunt compensation reactor, single line to ground fault, single pole auto-reclosing, Single Pole Auto-Reclosing (SPAR), single-pole switching, SLG fault, SPAR


To study the effect of line compensating reactors on EHV lines in successfully clearing the transitory single line to ground (SLG) faults by SPAR (Single pole auto re-closer). The main purpose of this project is to obtain and validate a robust model of the primary and secondary arcs in a transmission line to clearing single line to ground faults by means of single phase reclosing was investigated. Neutral reactor for the line connected shunt reactor banks were optimizing sustained values of secondary arc fault current and post fault recovery voltage. This paper addresses shunt compensation as it affects single phase reclosing procedure. The work will illustrate transient study of single phase reclosing of the 400kv Transmission system. This project mainly concentrates on the application of Shunt Reactors for secondary arc extinction in high voltage lines after single-pole switching is investigated. The study has used PSCAD (EMTP) simulation to determine the behaviour of the system response to switching operation. The successful single phase reclosing is investigated by conducting fault clearing and reclosing cases utilizing dynamic arc model. The PSCAD software tool is using for analyzing secondary arc extinction phenomenon in EHV lines.

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G. Babu and Dr. Maneesha V. Ramesh, “Secondary Arc Extinction of Single Pole Auto-reclosing on EHV Transmission Lines with Shunt Compensation Reactors”, in 2012 International Conference on Emerging Trends in Electrical Engineering and Energy Management (ICETEEEM), 2012.