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Conference Paper


Procedia Computer Science [Web of Science and SCOPUS Indexed], Elsevier, Volume 57, p.942 - 951 (2015)



Binding update, Bins, cost benefit analysis, cost reduction, Costs, Distributed mobility managements, Gateways (computer networks), Internet protocols, Local mobility, Location, Mobile access, Mobile devices, Mobile iP, Model checking, Proxy Binding Query, Proxy Mobile IPv6


Usage of wireless networks among the users is apparently high. But, efficiency of the network gets decreased because of the challenges in the network. In proxy mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6), the message exchange for location update by any mobile device is established in centralized environment. Here, the messages are sent and received through local mobility anchor with centralized feature. As a result, there is devastating traffic at local mobility anchor which increases the cost of network. Also, the location update in distributed mobility environment is vulnerable to attacks such as false binding update, man-in-the-middle, replay attack etc. Therefore, the development of location update scheme necessitates the security enhancement and reduction in cost. Hence, the present paper proposes a new secure and efficient location update scheme using tokenization. It eliminates the additional message exchanges such as proxy binding update, binding query and acknowledgements between the hosts required in the earlier works. Here, the traffic overhead is controlled by distributing the token of mobile node with mobile access gateway in distributed mobility environment. The security of the proposed scheme is validated using AVISPA - a security model checker. Finally, the analysis of security and performance evaluation demonstrates that the proposed scheme shows better security and significant reduction in the cost of signaling messages and data packet delivery. © 2015 The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V.

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Dr. Senthil Kumar M. and Anbarasi, P. N., “A Secure and Efficient Location Update Scheme for Next Generation Proxy Mobile IP in Distributed Environment”, in Procedia Computer Science [Web of Science and SCOPUS Indexed], 2015, vol. 57, pp. 942 - 951.