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Conference Paper


T. Ramesh


2014 Seventh International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3) (2014)



assurance, computer security, cyber security model, cyber space computing, cyber trust, Cyber-attack, Hardware, hardware security threats, Integrated circuits, Security of data, Software, Supply Chain, Supply chains, threat, Trojans, Trust, Trusted computing, Vectors, vulnerabilities


Cyber security threats and issues are escalating in many facets of system domain applications. A comprehensive cyber security model is the need today for quick identification and analysis of various type of threats and attacks for developing a comprehensive mitigation plan. In recent years, hardware threat issues are drawing wide attention adding to the security problem in cyber space. TRUST which is beyond SECURITY is playing a major role. In this paper we present a short synopsis of cyber security and trust for computing today in cyber space that includes hardware security threats, trust and few mitigations.

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T. Ramesh, “Security and trust- new challenges to computing today in cyberspace”, in 2014 Seventh International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3), 2014.