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Journal Article


Macromolecular Symposia , Wiley-VCH, Germany (2018)



Theoretical analysis is carried out to predict the nature of selective localization of multi‐walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) in poly(trimethylene terephthalate/polyethylene (PTT/PE) blends. In agreement with theoretical data experimental results clearly indicate that MWCNT prefers to get associated with PTT phase than with PE. Molecular interactions responsible for such selective localization of MWCNT to PTT component can be attributed to mutual and collective π–π interactions possible between the aromatic moieties present in PTT and MWCNT. In addition, the reinforcing effect of MWCNT in the PTT/PE system was determined using tensile analysis and the morphological features of blends and blend nanocomposites are studied using scanning electron microscope (SEM). Compared to the PTT/PE blend system MWCNT incorporated blend nanocomposites show better mechanical properties. The elongation at break of the blend system is seen to rise with increasing amount of PE content. Among various blend nanocomposites, we have investigated the nanocomposites with higher PTT content show higher tensile strength and Young's modulus. The blend nanocomposite with 90/10/1 composition shows 12% increment in Young's modulus and as much as 80% increment in tensile strength compared to 90/10 blend system which signifies the role MWCNT plays in the blend system.

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M K Aswathi, Ajitha A R, L P Mathew, Prof. M. Padmanabhan, and S Thomas, “Selective localization of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in PTT/PE blends: theoretical analysis, morphology and mechanical properties”, Macromolecular Symposia , 2018.