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Conference Proceedings


Nanotechnology, 2005. 5th IEEE Conference on, Volume 2, p.627- 630 (2005)



airflow, Assembly, bulk Te powder, Chemical processes, chemical recycling process, Chemical technology, Crystalline materials, Nanostructured materials, Nanostructures, Nanotechnology, oxidation, Powders, Reduction, reduction (chemical), self-assembly, Semiconductor materials, sodium dithionite, solution phase approach, Te, tellurium, tellurium microrod, tellurium nanorods


A simple solution phase approach is utilized to obtain tellurium microrod resulting from the self assembly of tellurium nanorod. The length of tellurium microrod can be tuned; manipulating the experimental condition the length of these rods can be made in centimeter range. Tellurium nanorods are synthesized by simple chemical recycling process, just reducing bulk Te powder by an aqueous solution of sodium dithionite and then oxidizing the solution in air to get Te nanorods. By controlling the airflow we can grow tellurium microrod by assembling these nanorods.

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Batabyal Sudip Kumar, Basu, C., Das, A. R., and Sanyal, G. S., “Self-assembly of tellurium nanorods”, Nanotechnology, 2005. 5th IEEE Conference on, vol. 2. pp. 627- 630 , 2005.