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Journal Article


Procedia Technology, Volume 21, p.76 - 81 (2015)



Sensor networks


<p>Smart grid is the emerging electricity network envisaged to connect the supplier and the consumer by two-way digital communication. One of the main attractions of the smart grid is the Wide Area Control System (WACS) with distributed controllers which actuate the instructions issued by the central controller. This paper focuses on the hardware implementation of a communication network for WACS in which ZigBee is used as the communication technology from the control station to the control unit. The control message sent should follow Distributed Network Protocol version 3 (DNP3), which is an IEEE standard for communication between central station and Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs). The simulation is done in network simulator (ns2), in which the number of packets follows the DNP3 format. Using mbed board a network topology is created for the WACS communication network and the control messages are communicated from the control station to the control units to validate a satisfactory performance.</p>

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N. T.P., P., S., and Dr. Sasi K. K., “Sensor Based Communication Network for WACS with DNP3”, Procedia Technology, vol. 21, pp. 76 - 81, 2015.