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Conference Paper


Advances in Electrical and Computer Technologies, Springer Singapore, Singapore (2021)





Performing stroke rehabilitation exercises typically requires assistance from a physiotherapist. In the absence of any external help, the patients tend to quickly lose the motivation to carry out the exercises on their own, resulting in poor recovery. To improve the motivation levels of the patient and take his/her mind off the training process, a sensor-driven active game-like feedback-based hand rehabilitation system is proposed, making the rehabilitation exercises more interactive and entertaining to the patient as well as makes the process more productive. Proposed system monitors and analyzes the strength of voluntary grip of the patient. The grip strength is mapped to a game-like interface and each strength test is presented as a game task to the patient. Successfully completing the game task requires the patient to complete the exercise routine. The data gained from monitoring patient’s performance in the exercise is used to track the progress they have made as well as providing more insight on their difficulties.

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M. N. S. S. C. Krishna, Karthikkeyan, B. A. Monesh, Nair, B. B., and Dr. T. Rajagopalan, “Sensor-Based Grip Strength Monitoring System for Stroke Rehabilitation”, in Advances in Electrical and Computer Technologies, Singapore, 2021.