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Information Technology Journal, Volume 12, Number 9, p.1863-1867 (2013)



Accident prevention, Automotive industry, Emergency situation, Entire system, Manual operations, Regulatory systems, Roads and streets, Sensors, Signal timing, Smart System, Smart traffic, Telecommunication traffic, Traffic control, Traffic intensity, Traffic signals


This project aims to develop a smart and secured traffic regulatory system. With this implementation in place, the cities and metros can become a better comfortable place to drive and live in. The system should be intelligent enough to make perfect decisions in varying the signal timings and help the driver to proceed towards the road in which the traffic intensity is less. Regulating the traffic through a smart system should provide better traffic control but at the same time should be inexpensive, so here the proposed system will provide a smart and inexpensive way to regulate traffic. In the recent years, due to the enormous growth of automobile industry, vehicles have become plenty in every city. The traffic signals in many countries are controlled by traffic police manually. This makes delay in traffic flow since the concerned person need sufficient time to judge and in such high traffic it is very difficult to observe the presence of emergency vehicles. The proposed system will detect the density of traffic on each road and changes the signal timings as per the density. Only changing the signals may not help the driver in some emergency situations. So, here comes the smart point of the project. At every junction LED board will be displayed which shows the intensity of traffic and as per requirement the driver can decide his path of convenience. The entire system maintains free flow of traffic and thus regulate without manual operations. © 2031 Asian Network for Scientific Information.


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Ra Sivaraman, Dr. Shriram K Vasudevan, Kannegulla, Ac, and Reddy, AdSalivahana, “Sensor based smart traffic regulatory/control system”, Information Technology Journal, vol. 12, pp. 1863-1867, 2013.