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Journal Article


Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology, Medknow Publications, Volume 17, Number 2, p.155-160 (2014)



aged, amnesia, article, body movement, case report, diarrhea, dysarthria, electrocardiogram, falling, gaze paralysis, human, hyponatremia, male, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, parkinsonism, primary central nervous system lymphoma, prostatism, ptosis, tremor, unsteadiness, vomiting


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Ja George, Gourisankar, P. Tb, Radhakrishnan, Sc, Kumar, A. Ac, Kannan, R. Rd, and Bindhu, M. Re, “A seventy year old man with intractable vomiting, Parkinsonism, memory loss and ptosis”, Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology, vol. 17, pp. 155-160, 2014.