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Journal Article


International Journal of Abrasive Technology, Inderscience, Volume 3, Number 2, p.133–140 (2010)


The bond strength of resin composite bonded to enamel surfaces treated with KrF excimer laser radiation, acid-etched surfaces and laser treated surfaces subjected to acid-etching was studied using a single plane shear method. Enamel specimens were prepared from freshly extracted healthy incisors. The specimens were subjected to laser treatment with a KrF excimer laser (248 nm) using a fluence of 4 J/cm². The bond strength to acid-etched specimens was greater than laser treated specimens. In contrast, bond strength to laser treated specimens subjected to acid-etching was comparable to those obtained with acid-etched specimens. The analogous bond strength to these specimens as compared to acid etched specimens was probably due to a shift from adhesive to mixed rupture mechanism.

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M. Sivakumar, Oliveira, V., Vilar, R., and Oliveira, S. S. A., “Shear Bond Strength of Adhesive to KrF Excimer Laser Treated Enamel”, International Journal of Abrasive Technology, vol. 3, pp. 133–140, 2010.