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Journal Article


Research Journal of Recent Sciences, Volume 3(3), p.99-103 (2014)



language processing, machine translation, Manipuri, Morphology, part-of-speech tagger


Manipuri is a highly agglutinating and compounding language. Words in Manipuri language are formed by affixation. New words are formed by appending prefix and suffix to the root word. So, Manipuri Language processing helps in identifying various class of a word in a sentence. Besides this various application and analysis for Manipuri language such as Part of speech Tagging, Morphological Analyzer, Name Entity Recognition, Multiple Word Expressing etc. can be performed easily which is required for Machine Translation. This study presents the review about some of the existing Manipuri language processing tools and their approaches.

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S. Singh, S., G., M Kumar, A., and .P.Soman, K., “A Short Review about Manipuri Language Processing”, Research Journal of Recent Sciences, vol. 3(3), pp. 99-103, 2014.