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Conference Paper


Speech Prosody 2012 (2012)



The objective of the present work is to demonstrate the significance of glottal activity (GA) detection for duration modification. The accurate GA regions of the speech are derived using zero frequency filtered signal (ZFFS) obtained from zero frequency filtering (ZFF) of speech. The duration of the speech is modified according to the desired scaling factors from the epochs estimated using ZFF method. Initially, the duration modified speech is synthesized using the existing epoch based fast duration modification method by processing all the epochs present in the original speech. The final duration modified speech is derived by retaining the duration modified speech samples of the GA regions and original speech samples in the non-GA regions. The improved perceptual quality of the duration modified speech is confirmed from the waveforms, spectrograms and subjective evaluations.

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D. Govind, Prasanna, S. R. Mahadeva, and Yegnanarayana, B., “Significance of Glottal Activity Detection for Duration Modification”, in Speech Prosody 2012, 2012.