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Journal of Surgical Oncology, Volume 99, Number 1, p.80-81 (2009)



anastomosis, article, free tissue graft, head and neck cancer, Head and Neck Neoplasms, head and neck tumor, human, Humans, injury, medical practice, methodology, plastic surgery, priority journal, Reconstructive Surgical Procedures, Surgical, Surgical Flaps, surgical technique, treatment outcome, Wounds and Injuries


Free flaps are being widely used for reconstruction of defects following head and neck cancer ablation. The pedicle of the flap is usually tunneled into the neck wound for anastomosis to the neck vessels. This transfer of the pedicle can be technically difficult to execute and associated with difficulties of torsion and kinking. No effective method has been so far reported to make this procedure easy and safe. A very easy and effective method for the pedicle transfer is described in this report, which has been practiced successfully in our head and neck service in more than 175 free flaps. © 2008 Wiley-Liss, Inc.


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Ra Sharan, Sharma, Ma, Vijayaraghavan, Sa, Sasidharan, P. Ra, Kuriakose, M. Aa, and Iyer, Sab c, “A simplified technique of free flap pedicle transfer for reconstruction of defects following head and neck cancer ablation”, Journal of Surgical Oncology, vol. 99, pp. 80-81, 2009.