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Conference Paper


International Conference on Communication and Computing, Elsevier (2014)



The concept of smart grid arises in order to address the issues prevailing in present power grid. The process of embedding smartness into the grid requires a lot of research work. To make existing power grid smart, bidirectional data and power flow is essential. There are complications with communication architecture, selection of a feasible communication technology, economy and merging concepts of wireless sensor networks (WSN) into power grid. This paper deals with finding a communication technology for a five bus smart micro power grid simulator through simulation in ns2 for protocols like IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.15.4 and a heterogeneous network with IP and WLAN through comparison and analysis of performance metrics.

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S. T. V and Sivraj, P., “Simulation and Analysis of Communication Technology for a Smart Grid Framework”, in International Conference on Communication and Computing, 2014.