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Conference Proceedings


National Power Systems Conference 2012 (NPSC 2012), IIT BHU,Varanasi,, p.150-155 (2012)



This paper presents the performance analysis of Series Active Filter (SeAF) empl oying a transformation less control approach based on Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM) switching. The percentage total harmonic distortion of the compensated load voltage has been considered as a measure for assessing the performance. The results obtained in MATLAB simulation and laboratory experimentation confirm that the performance of SeAF with transformation less control is successful in maintaining the load voltage harmonics within the limits recommended by IEEE-519 standards.

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S. .Srinath, Selvan, M. P., and Kumar, A. G., “Simulation and Experimental verification of transformationless control of series active filer for mitigating load voltage harmonics”, National Power Systems Conference 2012 (NPSC 2012). IIT BHU,Varanasi, pp. 150-155, 2012.