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Journal Article


American Journal of Electromagnetics and Applications, Volume 1, Number 2, p.38–43 (2013)



Electromagnetic Vortices, Optical Vortices, orbital angular momentum, Parabolic Dish, Radio frequency, Spiral Reflector


Electromagnetic (EM) vorticity modulation is a multi-carrier scheme that offers an enhanced spectral efficiency among the several conventional communication technologies. A mathematical model of the beam-front, carrying different orbital angular momentum (OAM) states, in the S-Band region of the radio frequency (RF) spectrum has been presented using the Laguerre-Gaussian (LG) beam, to describe the effect of RF vorticity and OAM modulation. Results from EM simulations are used to verify the orthogonality of OAM states and thereby highlighting its application in a multi-user environment. Two designs of antenna reflectors are being proposed to generate the orthogonal OAM states (l=1 and 2). The existence of the OAM states is visualized from the distribution of the current densities and magnetic fields over the aperture area of the reflectors.

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S. A. Abhay, Pavaneeswar, B. R., Gopinath, S., Sriram, B. S., Thomas, S. J., and Dr. Shanmugha Sundaram G. A., “Simulation of the S-Band photon vorticity modulation scheme”, American Journal of Electromagnetics and Applications, vol. 1, pp. 38–43, 2013.