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International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Research India Publications, Volume 10, Issue 55, p.3548-3553 (2015)



Though rugged and simple construction makes Switched reluctance motor (SRM) a potential candidate for many industrial applications, the presence of higher torque ripple is poses a limitation to its wide spread use. This paper presents a torque ripple reduction method by using a hysteresis torque and current controller. The reference torque is derived from a speed controller and the reference current is derived from the torque controller. Since the torque is proportional to the square of the current, a substantial reduction of torque ripple is seen when the current is controlled. Simulation is done in MATLAB/Simulink platform with each controller separately and finally all the three controllers put together. © Research India Publications.


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J. Anand, Balakrishnan P., and Dr. Isha T. B., “Simulation of torque ripple minimization in switched reluctance motor”, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, vol. 10, no. 55, pp. 3548-3553, 2015.