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Rajendran, K.


Applied Mathematics and Computation, Volume 87, Number 2-3, p.95-110 (1997)



<p>Simulation of unsteady turbulent boundary layer flow with the effect of fluctuating external velocity by quasi-steady models is analysed. The problem of oscillating turbulent flows with fluctuating external velocity and radial frequency is very often encountered in practice in a variety of applications. Three-D representation shows that Vpar decreases and Vper increases. In the case of 17, velocity fair saturated after some specified value. "In-plane" and "out-of-plane" velocity components show that parts of velocity fluctuate in-phase and at a phase of 90° with respect to the outer-flow velocity. Amplitude of velocity oscillation increases and becomes constant at certain values of ω. By the influence of EV, eddy viscosity reaches a maximum and then becomes constant. © Elsevier Science Inc., 1997.</p>


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K. Rajendran, “Simulation of unsteady turbulent flows with the effect of fluctuating external velocity by using quasi-steady models”, Applied Mathematics and Computation, vol. 87, pp. 95-110, 1997.