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Journal Article


IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Volume 25, Issue 9, p.4233-4244 (2016)



computational modeling, Covariance matrices, Databases, Dictionaries, Gaussian mixture models, Gaussian mixture models (GMMs), Gaussian processes, image patches, Image resolution, Interpolation, joint dictionaries and sparse representations, joint GMM method, joint learning, Kernel, Learning systems, natural image patches, piecewise linear estimate, single image super-resolution algorithms, Super resolution (SR)


Single image super-resolution (SR) algorithms based on joint dictionaries and sparse representations of image patches have received significant attention in the literature and deliver the state-of-the-art results. Recently, Gaussian mixture models (GMMs) have emerged as favored prior for natural image patches in various image restoration problems. In this paper, we approach the single image SR problem by using a joint GMM learnt from concatenated vectors of high and low resolution patches sampled from a large database of pairs of high resolution and the corresponding low resolution images. Covariance matrices of the learnt Gaussian models capture the inherent correlations between high and low resolution patches, which are utilized for inferring high resolution patches from given low resolution patches. The proposed joint GMM method can be interpreted as the GMM analogue of joint dictionary-based algorithms for single image SR. We study the performance of the proposed joint GMM method by comparing with various competing algorithms for single image SR. Our experiments on various natural images demonstrate the competitive performance obtained by the proposed method at low computational cost.

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Sandeep P. and Jacob, T., “Single Image Super-Resolution Using a Joint GMM Method”, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, vol. 25, no. 9, pp. 4233-4244, 2016.