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Conference Paper


2017 Innovations in Power and Advanced Computing Technologies (i-PACT), IEEE, Vellore, India (2017)





AC-DC power convertors, ac/dc single phase transformer-less inverter topology, Batteries, Battery, Battery chargers, battery charging capability, boost operation, buck operation, conventional energy generation methods, Energy harvesting, environment protection, equivalent circuit, Feeds, frequency 50.0 Hz, instantaneous power type controlling, Inverters, invertors, PI control, PI Controller, power 2000 W, Power control, Power converter, power generation control, power stages, Renewable energy, renewable energy harvesting, renewable energy sources, renewable resources, single stage inverter, single stage operation, Switches, Technological innovation, Topology, usage rate, voltage 220.0 V, Voltage control


Conventional energy generation methods and environment protection are two faces of a coin that never go hand in hand. The growing requirement in energy hence increased the importance of the renewable resources. In this scenario, inverters capable of handling this type of resources are also in demand. The inverters for renewable energy harvesting usually have multiple number of power stages that adds to the losses, affecting the efficiency of the entire system. In this work a new type of ac/dc single phase transformer-less inverter topology with single stage operation and battery charging capability is proposed. Inverter uses both buck and boost operation to handle the variable nature of the input. The battery charging is done using buck operation. The principle of operation is demonstrated through the analysis of equivalent circuit. Proposed Inverter uses instantaneous power type controlling using PI controller. A 220 V, 50Hz, 2000W simulation model was studied using MATLAB simulink and the study showed that the usage rate can be increased by incorporating the battery charging within the inverter.

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K. S. Vishnu and P. K. Preetha, “Single stage inverter integrated with battery for renewable energy harvesting”, in 2017 Innovations in Power and Advanced Computing Technologies (i-PACT), Vellore, India, 2017.