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Indian Journal of Science and Technology, Indian Society for Education and Environment, Volume 9, Number 1 (2016)



Background/Objectives: This paper presents an image retrieval system using hand drawn sketches of images. Sketch is one of the convenient ways to represent the abstract shape of an object. The main objective is to perform retrieval of images using edge content by prioritizing the blocks based on information. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Entropy based Histogram of Gradients (HOG) method is proposed to prioritize the block. The method helps to pick the candidate blocks dynamically to compare with database images. Findings: The performance of the method has been evaluated using benchmark dataset of Sketch Based Image Retrieval (SBIR) with other methods like Indexable Oriented Chamfer Matching (IOCM), Context Aware Saliency (CAS-IOCM) and Histogram of Gradients (HOG). Comparing to these methods the number of relevant images retrieved is high for our approach.Application/Improvement: Knowledge based block selection method improves the performance of the existing method.


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R. Aarthi, Anjana, K. P., and Amudha, J., “Sketch based Image Retrieval using Information Content of Orientation”, Indian Journal of Science and Technology, vol. 9, 2016.