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Sleep disorders are exponentially growing with current statistics as approximately 1 in 6 or 40 million people in USA. This alarming state has to be controlled in its early stage, to achieve physical and mental wellbeing of human beings, contributing to the peace and welfare of whole world. Current sleep monitoring facilities uses dedicated sleep labs at the hospital. However these tests results are error prone since the patient sleep gets disturbed due to the numerous wired sensors attached to their body, new ambience, reduced privacy, and long waiting duration due to the non availability of sleep labs. This research aims to develop a pervasive monitoring system that overcomes these drawbacks and provides the capability to monitor and detect sleep disorders in any place comfortable to the patient such as patients home, hospitals etc thereby collecting the best signals. The real-time data received from the system will be analyzed to detect sleep disorders remotely and issue the alerts to the clinicians. In the first phase of this research, we have designed and implemented the complete system using EMG sensor alone. The initial results are incorporated in this paper

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Dr. Maneesha V. Ramesh, Menon, K. A. Unnikrishn, and Jose, D., “SleepGaze: A Wireless System for Monitoring and Detection of Sleep Disorders”. 2011.