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Conference Paper


Seventh International Conference on Advances in Pattern Recognition, , (2009)





In this paper we present a study on how the changing values of theta in complex diffusion affects the images. Normally it is considered that the low value of theta is suitable for image smoothening using complex diffusion, because at higher values of theta the imaginary part may feed back into the real part, creating wave-like ringing effects. Our study shows that as the value of theta increases, ringing effects starts appearing and reaches its peak at 1800 and then it starts disappearing, and the process continues in a 360 degree cycle, where the peak of the wave indicates image with maximum ringing effects (or the maximum sharpened image, property of inverse diffusion). Regarding non-linear complex diffusion we experimentally proved the smoothening is fast at higher values of theta, which can be used for image denoising purpose.

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J. Rajan, Kannan, K., and Dr. Kaimal, M. R., “Smoothening and Sharpening Effects of Theta in Complex Diffusion for Image Processing”, in Seventh International Conference on Advances in Pattern Recognition, , 2009.