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Journal Article


Optics Communications, Volume 232, Number 1–6, p.239 - 244 (2004)



Modal interference


We examine the effect of modal interference on the performance of a single mode–multimode–single mode (SMS) fiber optic microbend sensor structure. The study shows that if the coupling from higher order modes of the sensing multimode fiber to the lead-out single mode (SM) fiber is not zero, the output power and hence the microbend sensitivity of the structure depends strongly on the position of the microbends in the fiber. A simple experiment is carried out to study the above effect whose results agree very well with the theoretical predictions.

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A. Kumar, Varshney, R. K., and Dr. Rakesh Kumar, “SMS fiber optic microbend sensor structures: effect of the modal interference”, Optics Communications, vol. 232, pp. 239 - 244, 2004.