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Journal Article


International Journal of Current Research, Volume 5, Issue 4, p.925-930 (2013)


Agreeableness, Attitudes towards Facebook, Conscientiousness, Emotional Stability, Extraversion, Facebook Use, Online Sociability Functions, Openness to Experiences, User personality


The Uses and Gratifications Theory suggests that people have different socio-psychological traits, which may affect the way and the reasons they use social media to satisfy their personal needs. In the Internet environment,users are even more actively engaged communication participants, compared to other traditional media. This study aims to examine the relationship between personality factors and Facebook use, and whether gender and age play a role in the dynamics. The study revealed that younger Facebook users had higher levels of extraversion and agreeableness. Older respondents were more conscientious, emotionally stable and open to experiences. Males showed higher extraversion, agreeableness and emotional stability. Females were more conscientious and open to experiences. Attitude towards Facebook and its Online Sociability functions with differed with Age. Extraversion and Openness to Experience differed in relation to Attitude towards Facebook. Extraversion, Conscientiouness and Emotional Stability differed with Online Sociability functions. Gender was not a significant predictor.

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Dr. Kalyani Suresh, “SOCIAL MEDIA PARTICIPATORY CULTURES-A STUDY OF THE DYNAMICS BETWEEN USER PERSONALITY AND FACEBOOK USE”, International Journal of Current Research, vol. 5, no. 4, pp. 925-930, 2013.