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Journal Article


Southeast Asian Bulletin of Mathematics, Volume 39, Number 6, p.891 - 902 (2015)



Coset, E centralising, EQUIVALENCE (Mathematics), GENERALIZATION, Greens equivalence, GROUP theory, MONOIDS, R(L) strongly unit regular, Set theory, Unit regular inverse monoid


A monoid S with group of units G is said to be regular if for each x ∈ S, there is an element a ∈ S such that x = xax. We consider arbitrary monoids and describe various properties depending on the group of units. Properties of regular monoids and description of some special classes of regular monoids are also given. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]

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V. K. Sreeja and Rajan, A. R., “Some Properties of Regular Monoids”, Southeast Asian Bulletin of Mathematics, vol. 39, pp. 891 - 902, 2015.