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Conference Proceedings


BIOCOMP 2009, p.562-566 (2009)



A k-bounded (k ≥ 2) transposition is an operation that switches two elements that have at most k - 2 elements in between. We study the problem of sorting a circular permutation π of length n for k = 2, i.e., adjacent swaps and k = 3, i.e., short swaps. These transpositions mimic microrearrangements of gene order in viruses and bacteria. We prove a (1/4)n (2) lower bound for sorting by adjacent swaps. We show upper bounds of (5/32)n (2) + O(n log n) and (7/8)n + O(log n) for sequential and parallel sorting, respectively, by short swaps.

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X. Feng, Dr. Bhadrachalam Chitturi, and Liu, C., “Sorting Circular Permutations by Bounded Transpositions”, BIOCOMP 2009. pp. 562-566, 2009.