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Journal Article


International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering Technology, Volume 1, Number 5, p.244–248 (2011)



Millimeter waves have the potential of providing multi-gigabit per second wireless networks. Multi Input Multi Output (MIMO) is emerging to be a key technology for enabling wireless technology whose features will improve by increasing the spectral efficiency of the systems at lower cost per bit. Spatial Multiplexing MIMO is found to suffice this requirement which has the principal use of increasing the spectral efficiency. The performance of Spatial Multiplexed system for the Triple Saleh Valenzuela (TSV) Channel model is simulated by assuming a simple indoor LOS environment model. The TSV model takes in to account both the Time of arrival of the rays and Angle of Arrival information of the antenna. Assuming a perfect channel for Estimation, the Bit Error performance of the system is investigated for Zero Forcing, Minimum Mean Square and Maximum Likelihood receivers for 2x2 and 4x4 and 8x8 Spatial Multiplexed systems for BPSK modulation schemes.

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S. Manojna, Kirthiga, S., and Dr. Jayakumar M., “Spatial multiplexing for millimeter waves using TSV model”, International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering Technology, vol. 1, pp. 244–248, 2011.