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Journal Article


OMICS A Journal of Integrative Biology, Mary Ann Liebert Inc., Volume 18, Number 7, p.399-401 (2014)



Africa, bioethics, biomedicine, biotechnology, ecosystem health, editorial, genomics, human, human microbiome project, integrative biology, Knowledge base, laboratory, medical literature, medical sociology, metabolomics, microbiome, nonhuman, priority journal, proteomics, rural population


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Vab c l Özdemir, Downey, R. Ad, Lin, Bef, Dove, E. Sg, Özkan, Bh, Warnich, Li, and Ferguson, L. Rjk, “Special Issue "oMICS in AFRICA": Power to the people - Moving 21st century integrative biology from lab to village to innovation ecosystems”, OMICS A Journal of Integrative Biology, vol. 18, pp. 399-401, 2014.