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Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology, Volume 10, Number 1, p.1-3 (2014)



Animals, antineoplastic agent, cancer chemotherapy, carbon nanotube, chitosan, copolymer, dendrimer, drug accumulation, drug bioavailability, drug conjugation, drug delivery system, Drug Delivery Systems, drug half life, drug release, editorial, electron spin resonance, gelatin oleic nanoparticle, Humans, hyaluronic acid derivative, macrogol, magnetic nanoparticle, micelle, microRNA, Nanoconjugates, nanoparticle, polyethylene oxide b propylene oxide, polyglactin, polymerization, Polymers, protein, publishing, small interfering RNA, unclassified drug


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Ra Jayakumar, Khandare, Jb, Calderón, Mc, and Perumal, Od, “A special issue on polymer conjugate based nanotherapeutics”, Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology, vol. 10, pp. 1-3, 2014.