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Rasayan Journal of Chemistry, Volume 4, Number 3, p.539-543 (2011)



The oxidative coupling of the proposed method is simple, rapid and sensitive with reasonable precision and accuracy. The precision of the method was found by analyzing a set of eight solutions, each containing a final concentration value approximately in the middle of die Beer's law range. The percent relative standard deviation in method is presented in Table-2. The accuracy of the method was determined by taking different known amounts (within Beer's law limits) of the drug and analyzing them by proposed method. The results are given in Table - 3. In the determination of tetracyclines the excipients usually present in formulations (glucose, starch, sodium hexaphosphate and some vitamins) and the other antibiotics such as cycloserline, streptomycin lidocaine or penicillins did not interfere. © 2011 RASAYAN. All rights reserved.


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E. Da Telia, Taherunnisa, Ma, Deepthi, G. Kb, Choragudi, B. Mc, and Choragudi, B. Ra, “Spectrophotometric determination of tetracyclines using p-N,N-dimethylphenylenediamine and sodium metaperiodate”, Rasayan Journal of Chemistry, vol. 4, pp. 539-543, 2011.