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International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE-2011), ASME, Volume 3, p.745 (2011)



In this paper, finite element simulations of spherical indentation of Nickel thin film on Steel-4340 are studied for single and multiple cycle of indentation as well. The objective was to understand the mechanics of coated systems, from load-displacement (P-h) curves, stress distribution in the film and the effect of substrate yield strength on the indentation response. The loading portion of P-h curve showed displacement bursts and the reason for this is investigated. A transition in the deformation behavior of the film from Hertz-type to flexure was observed for a normalized indentation depth of h/tf ≈0.2. The influence of coating–substrate properties on P-h curve is also investigated for different h/tf ratios and yield strains. Attempts are also made to explore the possibility of understanding the creep-fatigue behavior of coated specimen subjected to cyclic indentation at room temperature from Indentation depth v/s time, Indentation depth v/s number of cycles and Plastic dissipation energy v/s number of cycles curve.

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R. V. Prakash, Arunkumar, S., and Dr. Ajith Ramesh, “Spherical Indentation of Nickel Thin Flim on Steel-4340 Substrate”, International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE-2011), ASME, vol. 3, p. 745, 2011.