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Journal Article


International Education and Research Journal, Volume 3, Issue 7 (2017)



spiritual values and psychotherapy, Spirituality


The article attempts to ascertain the connection between spirituality and psychotherapy. All effective psychotherapeutic techniques imply lasting and holistic change in individuals which is spiritual in nature. It is suggested that secular psychotherapy and spirituality could complement each other without affecting the professional competence of therapy or attenuating the essence of spirituality. Spiritual values key to effective psychotherapy have been discussed. Empirical evidence has shown that spiritual values and behaviours can promote physical and psychological coping, healing and well-being in individuals. This finding has stressed the importance of viewing clients' spiritual values as a potential resource in psychotherapy. Suggestions have been presented regarding psychotherapist training and areas for further research.

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Dr. Preetha Menon, “Spirituality in Psychotherapeutic Practice”, International Education and Research Journal, vol. 3, no. 7, 2017.