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Conference Paper


2019 IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Techniques in Control, Optimization and Signal Processing (INCOS), IEEE, Tamilnadu, India (2019)



bidirectional converter, Charging stations, Communication system, Electric vehicle charging, Electric vehicles, Energy storage, FCS, Floating charging station (FCS), floating solar power plant station, hybrid energy storage system, hybrid power systems, Hybrid Storage, load conditions, marine electric vehicles, marine vehicles, MATLAB, Matlab-Simulink model, Maximum power point trackers, MPPT, Photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic power systems, power engineering computing, renewable energy generation, renewable energy sources, self-sustained structures, Solar cell arrays, Solar panels, solar photovoltaic based floating charging station, solar power, solar power plant stations, solar power stations, Solar PV(SPV) system, SPV, storage charge controller


This paper is proposing a solar photovoltaic based floating charging station (FCS) for marine electric vehicles. The floating charging station can be made useful to all electric marine vehicles during their course of voyage without diverting to port for recharging. The marine charging stations act as self-sustained structures entirely relied on renewable energy generation and hybrid storage system technologies. The marine vessel can meet their energy requirement by bidding with the charging stations via proper communication systems. Floating solar power plant stations is an advanced approach of using photovoltaic modules on water infrastructures to conserve the land along with marine application. This proposed floating charging station with a hybrid energy storage system is designed and verified using MATLAB/Simulink model. The performance of FCS is evaluated. The design and analysis of FCS is detailed in this by considering various load conditions and storage charge controller.

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Sruthy V., Raj, B., P. K. Preetha, and K. Ilango, “SPV based Floating Charging Station with Hybrid Energy Storage”, in 2019 IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Techniques in Control, Optimization and Signal Processing (INCOS), Tamilnadu, India, 2019.