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Journal Article


Applied Mechanics and Materials, Trans Tech Publ, Volume 394, p.456–462 (2013)


This paper discusses the problem of achieving stable walking of a compass gait biped robot on a slope. A reference trajectory for stable walking is generated using Lagrangian dynamics of the biped robot. It is shown that an underactuated robot can follow the reference trajectory using a control law based on feedback linearization with respect to both hip and ankle joints. The results are compared in terms of Mean Square Error (MSE). The validity of the proposed controller is carried out using simulation studies.


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S. Kochuvila, Dr. Shikha Tripathi, and Sudarshan, T. S. B., “Stability of an Underactuated Passive Biped Robot Using Partial Feedback Linearization Technique”, Applied Mechanics and Materials, vol. 394, pp. 456–462, 2013.