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Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Volume WO2014110449 A1, Number PCT/US2014/011153 (Filed), India (2014)



A composition for facilitating localized delivery of energy and of therapeutic agents to a lesion in tissue is disclosed comprising nanoparticles of a polysaccharide, gelatin or a polymer, wherein the nanoparticles are complexed with tin ions. The composition may comprise one or more therapeutic agents. The composition may be configured to improve the thermal effect of RF energy on a lesion and or to release the therapeutic agents to the lesion when RF energy is applied.

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V. Harish, Dr. Manzoor K., and Nair, S., “Stannous Doped Micro and Nano Particles for Augmented Radiofrequency Ablation”, U.S. Patent PCT/US2014/011153 (Filed)2014.