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Journal Article


Journal of Chemical Sciences, Volume 118, Number 6, p.455–462 (2006)



Phosphonate ligands, [RPO3]2-, are extremely versatile in the assembly of multi-tin and multi-copper architectures. We have used organostannoxane cores for supporting multi-ferrocene and multi-porphyrin peripheries. The copper-metalated multi-porphyrin compound is an excellent reagent for facile cleavage of DNA, even in the absence of a co-oxidant. Reaction oft-BuPO3H2 with Cu(C104)2. 6H2O in the presence of 2-pyridylpyrazole (2-Pypz) leads to the synthesis of a decanuclear copper (II) assembly.

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Vadapalli Chandrasekhar, Dr. Gopal K., Loganathan Nagarajan, Palani Sasikumar, and Pakkirisamy Thilagar, “Stannoxanes and phosphonates: New approaches in organometallic and transition metal assemblies”, Journal of Chemical Sciences, vol. 118, pp. 455–462, 2006.