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Journal Article


Elsevier- AASRI Procedia, Volume 2, p.69 - 74 (2012)



modified Icosφ controller


<p>The increasing hitches related to environmental issues have forced researchers to look out for safe and efficient methods of power generation, which consequentially calls for the renewable energy sources, out of which wind energy is recognized as the most rapidly growing technically viable and cost-efficient renewable source for power generation. Implementation of renewable energy source needs extensive usage of power electronics based utility interfaces to effectively meet the İEEE\} 1547 renewable energy power quality standards. In this paper, a digital controller based on modified ‘IcosΦ’ algorithm has been developed for achieving an effective custom power device interface, with power sharing between the grid and renewable energy source, along with reactive power compensation and power factor correction on a dynamically varying linear load system.</p>

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K. Ilango, Bhargav, A., Trivikram, A., Kavya, P. S., Mounika, G., Vivek, N., and Nair, M. G., “STATCOM Interface for Renewable Energy Sources with Power Quality Improvement”, Elsevier- AASRI Procedia, vol. 2, pp. 69 - 74, 2012.